Here and Now: STX Weekend

Although I write a lot about family history, I don’t want to omit the present. I know it’s a truism, but soon enough, the present will be the past.

This weekend is a lax weekend. For my oldest daughter. Right now, I am sitting in a parking lot next to Stillwater High School. This is my view!

And I love it! Why?

I have been here all weekend. It is hot, not awful hot, but the fields are turf. They are scorching. I have hardly been home. I have had to wake up early and drive 45 minutes to an hour each way for three straight days. I have to get there at least an hour before I see any action.

Yet, it is fun. Through my daughters, I get to be part of something bigger. Whether they win or lose, I get to see them develop as human beings. To excel and to fail. To learn from their mistakes. To be strong. To be learn how to be part of a team. To be confident. To be nervous. To overcome.

I know I am not writing anything that hasn’t been said a thousand times over. Yet, I don’t want to lose these thoughts. Whether 15 years from now or 50, I want my kids to know that whatever activities they choose, I love to watch them play.

Girls: It would be so much easier for you to choose to do nothing–to plug into your devices. I know it takes grit, guts, hard work and a lot of heart to do what you do. I admire you for it!

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