Henry Lyman Sayen

Look what arrived in the mail!  I picked up this gem used from Left Coast Books. It is the 1970 Exhibition Guide from the Henry Lyman Sayen show at the Smithsonian. The guide is by Avelyn D. Breeskin Curator of Contemporary Art for the national collection of fine arts.  So excited! My next task is to obtain the writings of Henry Lyman Sayen’s wife, Jeannette Hope. Her writings are also with the national collection of fine arts.  Jeannette is my husband’s great great aunt and Henry his uncle by marriage.


One thought on “Henry Lyman Sayen

  1. Beth, hi. It’s Mary in Philadelphia—George Sayen’s wife. (The connection again: Lyman and Jeanette were my husband’s direct great uncle and aunt – his grandfather and Lyman were brothers. My husband’s dad Dr. John Joyce Sayen, a cardiologist at University of Pennsylvania used to care for Jeanette when she was very elderly. Her daughter Anne Sayen lived near my husband’s family in Haverford, PA, just outside Philly). We were in touch a year ago. I wrote you again a few months ago directly to your email that you provided so that we could stay in touch. I never heard back from you and want to stay in touch if possible. I’ll explain what I’m doing in another email once I hear from you…crossing fingers. My direct email is:


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